Such a great piece Dan. Thanks for going so deep in this area. Just started a marketplace in the hotel space and so many areas run very true. Look forward to exploring deeper.

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Thanks Dan -- such a thought-provoking piece. You covered it re: managed marketplaces, but reputation being attached is such a big unlock for (real and perceived) transaction costs IMO. When more of the relationship happens on the platform, I almost have a feeling that the platform has my back (think Aircover from AirBnb). It makes me more willing to take risks and try new providers

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Jul 27, 2023Liked by Dan Hockenmaier

Pretty insightful, Dan. How should a newcomer to a marketplace like the homeservices marketplace approach? They will need more data to begin with to leverage AI effectively. Where could they wedge in and be sustainable till they get to the point of usable data?

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Thanks for the detailed essay, Dan. Really enjoyed it. Do check out Urban Company in India - it's a (somewhat) successful home services marketplace run by an outstanding founder. Of course, the market context and factors such as the labor market characteristics are very different, still some good lessons in there I think.

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Dan - wanted to check on point on google, I see that google is not able to do well when SKU information changes fast like in-case of e-commerce. It does well in the later like for restaurants, hotels especially with the advantage they have from maps information

Can you elaborate on google solving for the selection angle ? (While google can index at a surface level, i am guessing it cannot still bring the full UX in all cases)

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Hi Dan,

This was a great write-up.

I would like to introduce you to our services marketplace, for you to include in your future essays.

I am Co-founder of Filmboard (https://myfilmapp.com), which is world’s first B2B marketplace for film production services. Its disrupting the industry through technology. We've been up and running for a bit, and have got decent initial traction. The marketplace tackles the perennial problems of constant budget, timeline overruns and lack of control for the filmmaker over the film content creation process. Filmmakers across the world can now book any film resource in India via our powerful portal that allows negotiation, filters, live check-availability on the reviewed, rated database of more than 27000 film resources (locations, talent, crew, services).

We would love to interact with you and pick your brains on some of the stuff we are doing.

By the way, found several points pretty useful for us.


Rajesh Butta

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